Rhythm Wadhera

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Ludhiana, India
Education: BSc. Research, Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University

A rare case where a candidate had developed utmost clarity for a career in Chemistry as early as in junior high school. Graduated from high school with a very high mark while studying an additional higher level Math course. About to graduate from Shiv Nadar University, she joined Dr. Ray’s reserach group. Rhythm has been a part of a team trying to synthesize and explore the properties of organic materials exhibiting TADF. Apart from this, she has a project in nanotechnology & a PhD level course in Computational Chemistry under her belt.


Malvika Singh

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Bhopal
Education: B.Sc. Research, Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University

Malvika has always enjoyed studying chemistry and knew that that is where her interest lies. She wanted to pursue a research program where there is practical work with hands-on experience for a better understanding. She will be doing her undergraduate research project under Dr. Ray's group on Aggregation-induced emission (AIE). Other than that, Malvika is also doing a minor in Biology..