Malvika Singh

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Bhopal
Education: B.Sc. Research, Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University

Malvika has always enjoyed studying chemistry and knew that that is where her interest lies. She wanted to pursue a research program where there is practical work with hands-on experience for a better understanding. She had completed her undergraduate research project under Dr. Ray's group on Aggregation-induced emission (AIE).


Harsh Bhatia

Gradutae Student

Hometown: Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Education: B.Sc.(H) Chemistry (2013), M.Sc. Chemistry (2015)

Harsh is from Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh and received his bachelor's degree from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi in 2013. Later he moved to Kerala, India to do his M.Sc from Central University of Kerala (2013-2015). There he joined under Dr. M. Bhagiyalakshmi to do his M.Sc dissertation on the topic "Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol using Fabricated Electrode Containing CuO for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells". Finally he joined Ray's group as Junior Research Fellow in December 2015 to work on white-light emitting organic materials in the solid-state. He likes reading novels, travelling and playing sports during free time.


Rhythm Wadhera

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Ludhiana, India
Education: BSc. Research, Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University

A rare case where a candidate had developed utmost clarity for a career in Chemistry as early as in junior high school. Graduated from high school with a very high mark while studying an additional higher level Math course. About to graduate from Shiv Nadar University, she joined Dr. Ray’s reserach group. Rhythm has been a part of a team trying to synthesize and explore the properties of organic materials exhibiting TADF. Apart from this, she has a project in nanotechnology & a PhD level course in Computational Chemistry under her belt.


Indranil Bhattacharjee

Graduate Student

Hometown: Bankura, West Bengal
Education: M.Sc. Chemistry (2013), Visba-Varati University

Indranil was born at Bankura, after completion of his schooling he moved to Burdwan University and later Visva-Bharati. He started working in this group from 2014. His work was based on solid-state light emitting (TADF-RTP) donor-acceptor conjugates. In his spare time he loves to do photography.


Abhinav Raina

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Education: High School Diploma(2013)

Abhinav was brought up in New Delhi, where he completed his high school diploma from Springdales School in 2013. After this he joined Shiv Nadar University for a B.S in Chemistry. In August 2015, Abhinav joined the group as part of the “Opportunities in Undergraduate Research Program” to work on the synthesis of ESIPT based solid-state emitting dyes and their photophysical studies in solution as well as solid-state. Later he continued as a project student (BS-Chemistry). In his spare times, Abhinav plays the guitar and keyboard and enjoys football.


Rohil Vaidya

Undergraduate Student

Hometown: Providence xx
Education: Shiv Nadar University'20

Rohil is from Kerala where he completed 12th standard from the xxxx School in 2016. In the summer of 2017, Rohil joined Shiv Nadar University for his undergraduate program. He joined the Ray group as a "OUR" fellow in the summer of 2018. In free time, Rohil enjoys going for rides and playing badminton.