Welcome to the Ray Research Group

Research in our group focuses on modular and tunable organic donor-acceptor conjugates in the development of adaptive photofunctional materials for triplet energy harvesting. For this purpose we utilize synthetic organic chemistry in conjunction with advanced spectroscopic methods and computational calculations.

Our interest in controlling non-radiative pathways has driven us to the development of new donor-acceptor conjugates that can show Photoluminescence Enhancement of Delayed Fluorescence and/or Room-Temperature Phosphorescence with increasing temperature above RT via either thermal induced conformational change(TICC) or energy transfer mechanism. These novel systems are expected to form the basis of singlet and triplet harvesting that can be used in high energy-efficient OLEDs, Solar thermal photovoltacis (STPVs), security-imaging, sensors, sensitizers, photocatalyst to bio-imaging. In this regard, the group is also developing ultra-rigid multiple-donors-acceptor (D2-A/D1D2-A) materials that can show high PLQY, sub-microseond delayed emission.

Our group also focuses on planar donor-acceptor-donor (D-A-D) systems that can show (TADF/RTP). These materials have potential applications in OLEDs, security-imaging and sensors.